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Taxpayers Need Protecting

We growled last week about an op-ed by Norm Leahy at Bacon’s Rebellion in which he argues for a tax expenditure law (TEL) in Virginia. Today, in New Hampshire’s Union Leader, the newspaper editorializes:

“We are told -- always by proponents of big government -- that government can restrain its own spending; all voters need to do is elect the right people.

“History shows otherwise.”

The paper argues that taxpayers need protection because “elections are not enough.” According to the editorial, Exhibit A is the Republican Revolution of 1994, followed by an  attempt to implement a TEL or Taxpayer Bill of Rights legislation in New Hampshire.

Now the city of Manchester is trying to do what several other New Hampshire cities have done, i.e., implement tax or spending caps. The Union Leader concludes the editorial saying:

“Government spending will never be controlled unless elected officials are forced by the people to control it. Elections are insufficient safeguards. Tax and spending caps have been shown to do the trick. Which is why the powers that be at city hall are fighting so vigorously to prevent the people of Manchester from implementing one.”

For more information, read “The Case for a Virginia Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights” by Stephen Slivinski and Michael New, which they wrote for the Virginia Institute for Public Policy.


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