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When Bad News Can Be Good News

Today’s Richmond Times-Dispatch reports on a “confidential 64-page” report to Virginia Gov. Kaine (D) from his “economic advisers” who “counsel him on revenue trends.” The newspaper writes:

“The declining economy could force additional Virginia spending cuts of nearly $3 billion, raising the specter of deeper reductions in public services and broader layoffs.”

“The worst-case scenario . . . made public yesterday afternoon, would come atop $2 billion in reductions already enacted by Kaine and legislators.”

Norm Leahy, blogging at Tertium Quids, sees some good in the bad budget news, noties:

“One genuine positive from all this? It makes the money-saving option of school choice even more attractive. Adam Schaeffer discussed that option with me yesterday on TQ radio “

Take a few minutes to listen, and then listen to Norm's other interviews. 


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