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Can Congress Continue Ignoring Entitlements?

We growled on July 16 that the federal budget is on an unsustainable path, citing the Congressional Budget Office director’s testimony to the Senate Budget Committee.

On July 29, the Heritage Foundation published a “web memo” by Nicola Moore that focused on the role of entitlements - with the three major ones being Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and emphasized:

“Solving America's deficit problem is an impossible task unless entitlement programs are reformed. The current recession, which has put a finer point on the problem of trillion-dollar deficits, should elevate the need for reform to a level not even Congress can continue to ignore.”

Ms. Moore concludes the essay saying:

“Congress ought to take the warnings issued in the CBO's "Long-Term Budget Outlook" seriously. Adding new entitlements, such as national health care, or ignoring the need to reform existing ones while claiming to care about fiscal responsibility will be disingenuous at best and economically debilitating at worst.”

With so much written recently about members of Congress unwilling to read 1,000+ pages of legislation, citizens must wander if their Congressional representatives have even bothered reading the CBO director’s budget outlook. Or worse still, do they even understand the meaning of this Heritage Foundation chart below.



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