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Kudos to an Augusta County Conservative

Last Sunday, Ed Morrissey wrote at Hot Air “that New Hampshire’s media had taken notice that their Congressional delegation had gone missing during the August recess, rather than hold town-hall meetings to face their constituents about the health-care reform package.  I joked that they had put Paul Hodes, Carol Shea-Porter, and Jean Shaheen on milk cartons, a reference to the admirable effort of milk producers to help find missing children.”

Today’s Waynesboro New Virginian suggests that Virginians need to consider putting the pictures of Senators Jim Webb (D) and Mark Warner (D) on milk bottles sold in Virginia.In their story, the paper told of the efforts of an Augusta County conservative who had unsuccessfully tried to obtain answers to questions in the heath care legislation currently in Congress. As a result, he decided to put his money where his mouth is. According to the News Virginia:

“Karaffa has decided to pay $275 and reserve the Riverheads auditorium for Sept. 6 and invite the two senators to speak to Shenandoah Valley residents.

“I decided to do everything short of picking them up and give them the opportunity to speak to constituents in the Valley. They are not speaking anywhere in the state and it’s their responsibility to speak,’’ Karaffa said.”

Congratulations to Mr. Karaffa for his efforts to engage Virginia’s two senators on this important topic.

By the way, Rep. Jim Moran (D), joined by former presidential candidate Dr. Howard Dean, has schedule a health care town hall event on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 for residents of Virginia’s 8th district. Here’s the “when” and “where;” the “what and why are at Moran’s website.

  • When: Tuesday, August 25, 2009, 7:00PM - 9:00PM
     -- Doors open at 6:00PM
  • Where: South Lakes High School, Auditorium
     -- 11400 South Lakes Drive, Reston, Virginia

Encourage Senators Webb and Warner to hold town hall meeting on health care by writing or calling their offices, and write or call Rep. Moran, too, and encourage him to hold additional town hall meetings on health care.

  • Senator Mark Warner (D) -- write to him or call (202) 224-2023
  • Representative Jim Moran (D) -- write to him or call (202) 225-4376


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