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We Came, We Marched, and We Sent a Message

Andrew Moylan of the National Taxpayers Union, one of the sponsors of the 912 March on Washington, D.C., has a short essay, including the above title, of the day's events posted at NTU’s blogsite, Government Bytes. He also has a link to some early pictures from the march.

Another major sponsor of the 912 March was FreedomWorks, which also has pictures from yesterday’s march. Tea Party Patriots has a video up at this time on their homepage featuring the White Coats to Congress Rally, i.e., the doctors rally that started off the weekend of protests on September 10. In addition, Amy Ridenour blogs at the National Center for Public Policy Research and includes a video of the speech by Deeneen Borelli, a fellow of the Project 21 black leadership network. Finally, American Thinker has two great reads: America Spoke by James Simpson, and 9/12 was a transformative event by Clarice Feldman and Rosslyn Smith.

What a great weekend. What great Americans for coming to Washington to protest an out-of control government. Makes you proud to be an American. And unlike so many others who have protested on the mall, conservatives left it clean, see Gateway Pundit. And thanks to all the hardworking groups who planned and put-together the 912 March on DC [follow the link for the list of sponsors].

We need to keep up the pressure, however, so call or write Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner and Rep.Jim Moran [see yesterday’s growls for phone numbers and their web contact forms].

UPDATE (9/15/09): C-SPAN has 2 hrs, 50 minutes of coverage of the 912 March on DC.


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