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State of the Arlington County Economy

While browsing around Arlington’s County Manager’s webpage recently (yeah, I know . . . I’ll get a life sometime), I saw a new item posted there, i.e., Indicators About the Economy and Development.

The report contains indicators about the economy and development, e.g., such items as at-place employment, office absorption, housing sales, tourism, and commercial and residential permit activity. Some of those have two or three indicators, e.g., commercial building permit activity is broken-down into square feet for new construction and square feet for tenant fit-out.

There are also indicators about economic conditions and fiscal indicators. For example, such things as households receiving food stamps, new vehicle registrations, and meals tax assessments. Let’s look at a couple of these:

  1. Office Absorption. In the third quarter 2008 the report shows almost 391,000 square feet of absorption while there was a loss of almost 420,000 square feet in the third quarter 2009.
  2. New Vehicle Registrations. This fiscal indicator dropped by 7.3%, going from 3,511 in September 2008 to 3,253 in September 2009.

Rather than sending out The Citizen six times a year, the county could send out copies of the economic indicators once or twice a year, instead. Arlington citizens would be better informed while the county would spend less Arlington County taxpayers’ money. So take a few minutes to study the report avialble at the Arlington County Manager's webpage; then provide the County Manager your thoughts.


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