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Ah, Those Difficult Budget Reductions

When we growled on Wednesday of this week about the budget reductions being recommended by the Acting Arlington County Manager, we said that many of the individual reductions made you wonder why they weren’t made years ago, or at least aren’t implemented immediately. How about these two examples:

  • The Manager’s Office would eliminate one of the six issues each year of The Citizen. That plus reducing the number of brochures and flyers printed would save an estimated $27,180. Why not just  eliminate the cost of printing and postage, and send The Citizen electronically? For those few people who affirm they don’t have e-mail available, paper copies could be continued for a few more years. So instead of saving $27,180, Arlington’s taxpayers could save over $100,000 annually.
  • The Acting Manager proposes some “transit service adjustments,” -- described as “minor” and the impact as "minimal" -- to the “route schedules and span of service on ART routes 61, 62, 51 and 53.” These “minor” adjustments would save an estimated $54,000 annually. Why wait to implement them until FY 2011? Why not implement them immediately?

When it’s taxpayers money they’re dealing with, it must be difficult for the county worthies to act quickly.

For the complete list of proposed FY 2011 budget reductions, see the County Manager’s Message in the FY 2011 proposed budget.


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