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Budget Reductions in Arlington County’s Proposed Budget

We growled on Monday, March 1, about expenditures in the Manager’s proposed FY 2011 budget, noting the Manager provides a list of the 158 cuts, totaling $16.2 million, that would balance her proposed budget. The cuts include those less than $25,000 to those of $100,000 or more, not to mention they cover virtually all departments and constitutional offices. In addition, there is a list of so-called Tier II revenue options and cuts that are not part of  the proposed budget, but the County Board may include  in their adopted FY 2011 budget.

Let’s take a closer look at the cuts being proposed by the Manager. Some make you wonder why they weren’t made years ago. For example, “Reduce a number of non-personnel expenditure budgets in travel, operating supplies, memberships, training, telephones, unclassified services, postage, and operating equipment” in the Commonwealth Attorney’s office. Or eliminating “the planner position supporting the Neighborhood College program and the County Board’s Walking Town Meetings, and the non-personnel funds for Neighborhood College ($20,000).”

The two lists, which together run to 35 pages, are in the County Manager’s Message section at the beginning of the FY 2011 proposed budget, and can be found here.


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