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Hey, It’s Not Just The Real Estate Taxes Going Up

When the Arlington County Board voted to advertise an increase of 10.3% in the real estate tax rate on February 20, they also voted to advertise other increases such as increasing “parking ticket and other fines for nonmoving violations be increased by $10 per infraction” (an increase of 40% for a parking meter violation). After all, there has generally been “no increases to parking ticket fines in over a decade.” The Manager’s report to the Board advertising increasing fines by $10 was item 22.L. on the Board’s February 20, 2010 agenda.

The county issued nearly 229,000 tickets, and warnings, in FY 2009, and collected almost $7.4 million. According to the Acting Manager, the $10 would “generate $1,520,000 in additional revenue, which would be offset by $20,000 in so-called non-personnel costs.”

The additional revenue wasn’t included in the FY 2011 proposed budget, but was advertised “to allow the County Board additional flexibility with revenue decisions for the FY 2011 budget.” How thoughtful to provide the Board with additional flexibility? Serving the County Board. of course.

Tell the Board your thoughts on whether to increase not only the above fines, but also the real estate tax rate. Write them at:

    countyboard (at) arlingtonva.us


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