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Kudos to Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning

Getting macaca'ed, and by the Washington Post, no less. According to Wikipedia, the term macaca "was at the center of a conttroversy during the 2006 United States Senate election in Virginia when it was used by the Republican incumbent, George Allen. Most Americans were unfamiliar with the term until continual media coverage revealed it to be a racial slur. Allen claims to be unaware of its racial context. Relating to the Allen controversy, "macaca" was named the most politically incorrect word of 2006 . . . ."

Today's Wall Street Journal explains why the Post has its panties in a bunch:

"The Senate tied itself in knots Monday as it tried to get around a single lawmakerl's objection to a spending bill, a showdown that has become emblematic of capital's partisan gridlock.

"Sen. Jim Bunning (R, Ky) again blocked a $110 billion bill that would have extended unemployment benefits and other programs after halting its progress last week. And on Monday, the impact of his blockade started biting, with the the expiration of benefits t o 100,000 peoplel and the suspension of 41 transportation projects across the country.

"Mr. Bunning is holding things up by objecting to a "unanimous consent" request to advance the bill quickly, a routine maneuver for moving legislation forward that requires all senators to go along."

The bottom line, according to a press release yesterday from Bunning’s office:
“There comes a time when 100 senators are for something that we all support. If we can't find $10 billion to pay for it, we're not going to pay for anything. We will not pay for anything fully on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Now, he said I only offered one way to pay for this. That's untrue. I offered more than one way. I negotiated with the Leader -- the Leader's staff, rather, and we had worked out two-week extension to $5 billion with a different pay-for. The debt that we have arrived at , even the head of the Federal Reserve Bank, Chairman Bernanke, said it's not sustainable. It's unsustainable. What does that mean to the American people, to the same people that are struggling to pay their bills, that are on unemployment, that could have been covered had the Baucus-Grassley bill been considered, and could have been covered not for 30 days but for three months?”
How, then, is the Post “macaca'ing” Sen. Bunning? Today’s Washington Post has three stories about Sen. Bunning’s efforts to get the Senate to pay for legislation it passes. They include a Dana Milbank column titled “Hurling beanballs at unemployment line” on page A2; a piece by Ashley Halsey III titled derisively “A Senate dissident’s maneuver keeps jobless, federal workers on the line” on page A13; and, third, in Joe Davidson’s Federal Diary column, the column is titled “Deficit hawk’s move puts brakes on DOT workers” on page B3. And here's a Post webpage with a video of Bunning and Senator Harry Reid "sparring." 

What Bunning is trying to do is to get Congress to pay for legislation it passes rather than add to the nation's debt and thus passing on the cost of the bill to our children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, that point seems lost on the Post’s elite reporters and editors.

For additional views on what Sen. Bunning is trying to do, here’s a National Public Radio story. In addition, Fox News reports a story with this subtitle: “Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning, a lame-duck Republican whose gruff, irascible style even rubs his fellow party members the wrong way, is not only blocking an unpaid stopgap bill to extend jobless benefits, but also creating political theatre to the dismay of Republicans and to the delight of Democrats.” This ABC News story may be what originally stirred the pot.

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