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Two Thoughts on Passage of Health Care "Reform"

First, John Taylor. president of Tertium Quids, reminds that the Stamp Act, which was the spark that eventually ignited the American Revolution, was passed on March 22, 1765. As the History Channel tells us:

“With the passing of the Stamp Act, the colonists' grumbling finally became an articulated response to what they saw as the mother country's attempt to undermine their economic strength and independence. They raised the issue of taxation without representation, and formed societies throughout the colonies to rally against the British government and nobles who sought to exploit the colonies as a source of revenue and raw materials. By October of that year, nine of the 13 colonies sent representatives to the Stamp Act Congress, at which the colonists drafted the "Declaration of Rights and Grievances," a document that railed against the autocratic policies of the mercantilist British empire.”

Second, the inimitable Mark Steyn concludes the post, Happy Dependence Day!, at National Review Online’s blog, The Corner, about the passage of health “reform” legislation:

“Longer wait times, fewer doctors, more bureaucracy, massive IRS expansion, explosive debt, the end of the Pax Americana, and global Armageddon. Must try to look on the bright side . . .”

And speaking of Congress, here’s a video of Rep. Tom Perriello (D-Virginia 5th) on Congressional “stealing,” actually admitting, “If you don't tie our (i.e., Congress’s) hands, we will keep stealing." (HT to Taxing Tennessean for the link)


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