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Will They Put Up Their Own Money?

At the Arlington County Board’s tax rate hearings last Thursday, March 25, several Arlington citizens urged the Board to raise the real estate tax rate advertised by the Board in February rather than by the real estate tax increase, which the Acting County Manager included in her proposed FY 2011 budget, or even better, no increase in the real estate tax rate. They were seeking to plunder Arlington taxpayers in order to redistribute wealth to such liberal causes as affordable housing.

In her proposed FY 2011 budget, the Acting Manager precisely followed the Board’s budget guidance and proposed a budget with a tax rate increase of 6.7 cents (7.7%). However, the Board listened to the special interests, and advertised a rate that would raise the real estate tax rate by 9.0 cents (10.3%).

Well, Barbara Hollingsworth, local opinion editor at the Washington Examiner, reminds us in a “Beltway Confidential” piece about Virginia’s Tax Me More Fund that was set-up in 2002 through the efforts of Virginia  Delegate Kirkland Cox (R-Colonial Heights). The idea was to provide those complaining the most about budget “cuts” with a place where they could make donations to Virginia’s General Fund. I’m sure Arlington County would be more than happy to accept donations to Arlington’s general fund.

Hollingsworth concludes that since Virginians donated only $1,500 to supplement a $74 billion 2008-10 biennial budget, Virginians must “think they’re already taxed quite enough.” Likewise, we think that those Arlingtonians who urged the Board to raise the taxes of Arlington’s taxpayers will not “put their own money where their” mouths are and make voluntary contributions to the county.

Thanks Barbara for reminding us about Virginia’s “Tax Me More Fund.”


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