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Kudos to Washington Examiner Reporter

Washington Examiner reporter Mark Heid has a great article in today’s print edition. He begins:

“Arlington County's government has exploded in size and scope during the last decade, though cash spent on some core services -- such as police -- has failed to keep pace.

“Total county government spending has jumped about 58 percent since 2000, after adjusting for inflation.

“Arlington County's total government expenditures increased from about $490 million in fiscal 2000 to about $773 million budgeted for fiscal 2011. Those figures are both given in today's dollars and do not include spending on education.”

And the best lines may indeed be these:

“Taxpayer cash has fueled the expansion.

“Along with home values, the tax burden for Arlington residents has nearly doubled. The average homeowner, after adjusting for inflation, paid about $2,621 in property taxes in 2000, compared with $4,821 in 2010.”

Other reporters with other newspapers have focused on issues in more depth, but this is the first time that I can recall that a reporter has taken a multi-year look, or a trend analysis, of the growth in county spending. Hopefully, the Examiner’s editors will provide Heid more space for future articles about the spending habits of the five panjandrums who authorize the expenditure of taxpayer money.


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