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Read It, And Weep!

The Arlington County Board adopted the Fiscal Year 2011 budget yesterday, and increased the real estate property tax rate by 9.5%, raising it by 8.3 cents, from $0.875 per $100 of valuation to $0.958 per $100 of valuation. The Arlington Sun Gazette reported the story this morning writing:

“County Board members on April 24 adopted a fiscal 2011 operating budget totaling nearly $956 million, with increases in tax rates and fees that will hit a typical household for more than $6,300 in the coming year, up about $350 from the current burden.

“Board members voted to increase the real estate tax rate to 95.8 cents per $100 assessed value, up 9.5 percent from the current rate of 87.5 cents per $100. Fees for water and sewer service and trash collection also will rise, as will the cost of vehicle-decal fees and a host of other fees.

“The cumulative effect is a budget about $14 million higher than that proposed by acting County Manager Barbara Donnellan two months ago, but one that board members said meets the needs of Arlingtonians.”

Here is the Washington Post’s take on the Board’s adoption of the FY 2011 budget. And here is Arlington County’s press release yesterday, which contains the budget highlights. For the nitty-gritty details, see “County Board Adopted Budget Documents” at the Department of Management & Finance’s webpage. We will have more analysis of the Board’s actions both here and in the Watchdog newsletter.


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