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Rep. Moran's "Pork Barrel"

Last Thursday, Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) released the 2010 Congressional Pig Book. It’s the 20th anniversary exposé of pork-barrel spending, and reveals 9,129 earmarks worth $16.5 billion.

CAGW president Tom Schatz said in the organization’s press release:

“Recent actions in the House to stop funding for-profit earmarks and the House Republican Caucus’ decision to not request earmarks, indicates that politicians from both parties recognize that taxpayers are enraged about the broken spending process in Washington . . . They have noticed that it is popular to posture as an anti-earmarker.  Unfortunately, the 2010 Congressional Pig Book illustrates that most members of Congress still aren’t willing to eliminate the practice and why meaningful reform is necessary.”

CAGW also pointed out (t)he number of projects declined by 10.2 percent, from 10,160 in fiscal year 2009 to 9,129 in fiscal year 2010, while the total tax dollars spent to fund them decreased by 15.5 percent, from $19.6 billion to $16.5 billion.”

A search of the 2010 Pig Book database shows that Arlington County’s Congressional representative, Rep. Jim Moran (D) is credited with 62 separate earmarks valued at $71.4 million, including the following where Arlington is specifically identified:

  • George Mason University, $550,000 (infrastructure improvement)
  • Four Mile Run infrastructure improvements, $500,000 (with Alexandria)
  • Four Mile Run, $112,000 (jurisdiction unspecified)
  • Signature Theatre, $500,000 (arts education program)
  • Marymount University, $200,000 (science equipment and technology)
  • Vanguard Services Unlimited, $250,000 (vocational counseling training)

The nationwide average pork per capita was $27.36. Hawaii ranked first in per capita pork with $251.78 while  Virginia ranked 34th, receiving $23.00 per capita.

In addition, other resources at the CAGW webpage are the Pig Book Summery; list of pork per capita; the annual Oinker Awards; and the searchable database.

To question Rep. Jim Moran (D) about the earmarks, you can write him or call his office:

Write to him via the Internet

Call (202) 225-4376


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