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Who knew the Arlington County Board had priorities?

Arlington County taxpayers might be tempted to think the five panjandrums on the Arlington County Board were fiscally responsiblel because of their penchant to use such words and phrases as sustainability and fiscal responsibility. You would be wrong. The lede in a story in this morning's online Arlington Sun Gazette begins this way:

“A few weeks from now, the Arlington County government is going to reduce library hours systemwide, just one way to contend with the “budget crisis” that county leaders say exists.

“And yet ... as we report today ... that same county government has now spent nearly $750,000 on its lawsuit against the federal and state governments on the high-occupancy-toll (HOT) lanes on Interstates 395 and 95.

“Yep, three-quarters of a million smackeroonies paid out to a D.C. law firm to handle the case. All in the midst of the aforementioned “‘budget crisis.’”

McCaffrey closes the piece, saying:

“Arlington officials increasingly are isolated on the HOT-lanes issue, but seem not to either know and/or care. They show no intention of cutting their losses and wriggling out of the web they have spun.”

Sheesh! You can use the “Contact the County Board” link in the right column to contact the Arlington County Board.


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