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Your Federal Tax Dollars Hard At Work. Not!

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday of this week that the IRS had “doled out more than $27 million in fraudulent claims for the home buyers' tax credit on returns for 2008, including claims by prisoners serving life sentences and people who purchased their home before the credit was in effect. Citing a .S. Treasury Department audit report, the Journal also reported:

“The IRS paid out $9.1 million to 1,295 people who were in jail at the time they said they bought a home, and 241 of those prisoners were serving life sentences, according to the report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, which monitors the Internal Revenue Service. On average, that's slightly more than $7,000 per prisoner.

“Another $17.6 million went to 2,555 people who bought their homes before the tax credit became law--averaging out to about $6,890 per person.”

Two cases warrant special notice, though. In one case, 67 separate taxpayers claimed the credit on the same house. In a second noteworthy case, the auditors also found 87 IRS employees who filed fraudulent claims in 2008. Through February 2010, the Journal reported that 1.8 million taxpayers received $12.6 billion through the home-buyer credit.

A blogger at the NY Post adds:

“The IRS is set to get a new crop of 16,000 employees to implement Obamacare. Scary to think that the folks already working there are doing such a poor job that the agency is getting even more personnel.”

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