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Comparing Arlington, Fairfax, and Loudoun Counties

It’s been several months since we growled about Arlington’s ‘lowest tax rate’ in Northern Virginia on July 10, 2010. So let’s take a look at how much Arlington, Fairfax, and Loudoun counties collect in revenues and spend on a per capita basis. Data is from Commonwealth Data Point, a website maintained by Virginia’s Auditor of Public Accounts. Data is for 2008, the latest available.

  • Population: Arlington -- 206,822; Fairfax -- 1,017,320; and Loudoun -- 287,687.
  • Total Revenue Per Capita: Arlington -- $4,642; Fairfax -- $4,242; and Loudoun -- $4,342.
  • Total Expenditure Per Capita: Arlington -- $4,238; Fairfax -- $3,868; and Loudoun -- $3,780.

Next time you get to talk to one of Arlington County’s grand poohbahs, ask them to justify why the County Board needed to spend $370 more per capita in 2008 than the Fairfax County supervisors or $458 more per capita in 2008 than the Loudoun County supervisors. I’ll be happy to publish any of their explanations.


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