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Debunking Pro-Tax Propaganda

A new mini-documentary from the Center for Freedom & Prosperity Foundation (CF&P) features the Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell provide a “point-by-point rebuttal of a recent White House pro-tax increase video." CF&P adds, “The full White House production, which is narrated by Council of Economic Advisers Chair Austan Goolsbee, is actually embedded in the CF&P video, allowing viewers to get both sides of the argument.”

CF&P’s press release describes the mini-documentary this way:

“In the CF&P video, entitled "Debunking White House Pro-Tax Increase Propaganda," Mitchell explains that the Administration's analysis is based on the notion, which is easily falsified, that the economy is a fixed pie. Moreover, he shows that changes in tax rates have a significant impact on taxpayer behavior, thus undermining another key premise of the Goolsbee video.

“The most fundamental flaw of the White House's video, however, is the philosophically corrupt assumption that government has the first claim on money earned by the American people. Goolsbee actually asserts, for instance, that it would be a mistake to "give" money to selected taxpayers.

"The White House's economic track record leaves much to be desired," said CF&P Foundation President Andrew Quinlan, "and the video asks why anybody should believe an Administration that claimed $800 billion of additional government spending would keep unemployment below 8 percent."

"Higher tax rates on investors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners will hurt growth and reduce competitiveness," said the video's narrator, Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute, who added that, "It is a shame that the Obama Administration has doubled down on class warfare when - as shown in the video - President John F Kennedy understood lower tax rates for everyone are the way to improve prosperity."

The video is available at:

Spend about ten minutes to learn how to rebut the White House tax increase arguments.


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