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Global Warming in Virginia Courts

Last month, the Washington Post opined in an editorial that Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli “seems determined to embarrass Virginia.” The editorial was filled with debris such as the AG’s subpoena was “demanding boatloads of documents from the University of Virginia” and that the AG has been “slapped down once by a Virginia judge.”

If you read the Post editorial, and thought it somewhat overwrought, you may welcome an authoritative discussion about the efforts of Mr. Cuccinellii posted a few days ago at American Thinker. It was written by atmospheric physicist S. Fred Singer who is Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia, founding director of the US Weather Satellite Service, and author of “Unstoppable Global Warming - Every 1500 Years” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2007).

Dr. Singer writes about Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli’s efforts to obtain “the e-mails and other information of Dr. Michael Mann, who was an assistant professor of environmental sciences there from 1995 to 2005.” Dr. Singer notes that:

“The University of Virginia is fighting the demand for the data using outside lawyers and claiming "academic freedom" among other such excuses. I cannot comment on the legal implications of the AG's investigation. It should be noted, however, that UVA was quite willing to deliver up the e-mails of Professor Pat Michaels when Greenpeace asked for them in December 2009. It makes the UVA protestations sound rather hypocritical.”

Spend some time comparing the Post editorial and Dr. Singer’s rebuttal, and you may begin thinking the Post editorial staff are better suited to writing fiction.

Norm Leahy posted some additional relevant thoughts on this at Tertium Quits yesterday. He writes:

“Words alone fail to describe the depths of hypocrisy plumbed by UVA on this issue. That university spokepeople insist on using phrases like "academic freedom" and "scientific integrity" to deflect attention away from the clear double standard and campus-wide policy of CYA makes the whole situation that much more tragicomical.

“Real scientists should be outraged.”


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