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Comparing Arlington Public Schools to . . .

Table 17 of Virginia’s School Superintendent’s Annual Report for FY 2009 includes the number of teachers per 1,000 students for each school district/regional program. The report provides some rather interesting numbers for the Northern Virginia school districts. For example:

  • Arlington Public Schools -- 102.91 teachers/1,000 students. Total SAT = 1,610.
  • Fairfax County Public Schools -- 75.91 teachers/1,000 students. Total SAT = 1,664.
  • Loudoun County Public Schools -- 81.92 teachers/1,000 students. Total SAT = 1,593.
  • Prince William County Public Schools -- 60.61 teachers/1,000 students. Total SAT = 1,499.
  • Alexandria City Public Schools -- 101.26 teachers/1,000 students. Total SAT = 1,441.
  • Falls Church City Public Schools -- 96.26 teachers/1,000 students. Total SAT = 1,712.

Since there appears little correlation between more teachers and total SAT scores, let’s do a little bit more arithmetic. The midpoint between the Loudoun and Fairfax County schools would be about 79 teachers per 1,000 students. That would mean APS would need about 543 fewer teachers. Since the average APS teacher salary in the FY 2010 WABE report is $73,783 per teacher, that means Arlington taxpayers would save just about $40.1 million for the latest school year. Since the same WABE report shows almost $352.4 million in “approved school disbursements,” the $40.1 million from a reduced number of teachers would be a significant savings for Arlington’s taxpayers.

Just saying!


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