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Candidate for next month’s Porker of the Month

Since Citizens Against Government Waste doesn’t restrain rewarding its Porker of the Month to just elected officials, officials at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are making a strong case that they deserve to be next month’s Porkers. According to a report yesterday from Fox News:

“The Environmental Protection Agency has doled out nearly $100 million in grants to foreign groups and governments over the past decade, according to a new congressional report.

“The report from Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee shows the pace of foreign grants has quickened under the Obama administration, with $27 million in EPA funds going abroad since early 2009 -- not counting projects in Canada and Mexico.

“The report said an unknown amount of EPA grant money has also gone overseas "indirectly" via grants to U.S. universities and organizations doing work in other countries.

"At a time of record debt and soaring unemployment here in the United States, the committee has discovered that EPA has intensified its foreign grants program," the report said.

“EPA defended the projects, noting that pollution is a global problem and describing the foreign initiatives as in the United States' interest.

"Pollution doesn't stop at international borders, and neither can our environmental and health protections; the local and national environmental issues of the past are now global challenges," EPA spokesman Brendan Gilfillan said in a statement.”

A copy of the report (requires Adobe) is available at the majority staff of the House Committee on Energy website.

A news report that attempts to attribute partisan motives is available at The Hill newspaper. In addition, this press release from the Energy and Commerce Committee includes links to a Human Events story, letter to the EPA Administrator, a list of 65 foreign grants awarded since the stimulus was signed into law, and a news video.

HT Big Government for the Fox News story.


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