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More Improper Use of Your Federal Taxes

Talk radio station WMAL 630 AM has an Associated Press news story posted today discussing how “Social Security makes $8 billion in improper payments." The $8 billion includes $6.5 billion in overpayments and $1.5 billion in underpayments. According to the story:

“The Social Security Administration made $6.5 billion in overpayments to people not entitled to receive them in 2009, including $4 billion under a supplemental income program for the very poor, a government investigator said Tuesday.

“In all, about 10 percent of the payments made by the agency's Supplemental Security Income program were improper, said Patrick P. O'Carroll Jr., the inspector general for Social Security. The program has strict limits on income and assets, and most of the overpayments went to people who did not report all their resources, O'Carroll said.

“Error rates were much smaller for retirement, survivor and disability benefits, which make up the overwhelming majority of Social Security payments, O'Carroll told a congressional panel.

Does the bureaucratic incompetence with taxpayers’ dollars ever stop? It seemingly never does. Over the weekend, we growled on both Saturday and Sunday of how the IRS and the USDA, respectively, wasted so-called ‘stimulus’ money. Time to limit government in our view.

And what is your Congressional representative doing about it? The Congressional switchboard number on Capitol Hill is (202) 224-3121.


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