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Arlington Public Schools Remain Top Spender

The Washington Area Boards of Education (WABE) has published the Fiscal Year 2012 WABE Guide, and once again the Arlington Public Schools rank #1 in the cost per pupil. Here are numbers (available here at APS's Budget & Finance webpage):

  • Arlington County -- $18,047 (4.2% increase)
  • Alexandria -- $17,618 (3.7%)
  • Falls Church -- $16,309 (2.5% decrease)
  • Fairfax County -- $12,820 ((1.8%)
  • Manassas City -- $11,478 (1.1%)
  • Loudoun County -- $11,014 (1.7%)
  • Prince William County -- $9,852 (2.9%)
  • Prince George’s County -- $9,176 (21.0% decrease)

So, the Arlington School Board hit Arlington taxpayers with a “twofer” -- highest cost per pupil and the largest increase from FY 2011 to FY 2012. And imagine, the School Board candidate had no opposition in yesterday’s elections. Can things get any better for Arlington County’s elected worthies?

The following "note" appears at the WABE Guide's "cost per pupil" page. It is the understanding of your humble scribe this cost figure is based upon operating costs, which does not include capital costs.:

"Note: Uniform formulas were developed by the WABE committee for consistency areawide. These numbers are comparable; however, the cost per pupil reported here may differ from that reported in individual districts' budget documents or other reports."

In addition, Montgomery County Public Schools did not participate for the FY2011 WABE Guide and Manassas Park City Public Schools only started participating for the FY2012 WABE Guide.

UPDATE (11/11/11): Scott McCaffrey reports this story in today's Arlington Sun Gazette, and mentions ACTA as the source.


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