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County Board’s FY 2012 Richmond 'Wish List'

At it’s meeting tomorrow, the Arlington County Board "will receive" public comment on the Arlington County Board's 2012 General Assembly Legislative Items. The Board will then “(f)inalize the legislative items at the December 10, 2011 meeting,” according to agenda item #40 at the Arlington County Board's November 19, 2011 meeting.

In addition to the Board’s “wish list,” the Manager’s report includes recommendations from county staff and the various boards and commissions.

Earlier this week in the Arlington Sun Gazette, Scott McCaffrey suggested the Board was considering only “a stripped-down list of legislative priorities” because it knows "which way the prevailing winds will be blowing in Richmond during the 2012 General Assembly.” Here is essentially a summary of McCaffrey’s report:

“The package also seeks additional funding for transportation and maintenance for roads that are under the state government’s control, and asks for full funding of the state’s share for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

“Conspicuously absent from the package is a request to restore taxing authority, eliminated by the General Assembly earlier this year, that allows Arlington to collect one-quarter of 1 percent on hotel bills to fund tourism initiatives.

“Republican lawmakers in Richmond let the tax expire without renewing it, out of pique at the County Board’s lawsuit against the state and federal government over high-occupancy-toll (HOT) lanes on Interstates 95 and 395.

“The county government’s economic-development department has attempted to convince the county’s hotel community to publicly support restoration of the tax, which raised about $1 million a year and largely funded staff positions within the economic-development office.”

The remainder of the news story lists other parts of the draft legislative package. However, we suggest you access the Manager’s report to the Board if you plan to contact the Board.

The County Board is scheduled to meet with Arlington delegation to the General Assembly in a work session on Tuesday, November 29, at 10:00 A.M. at Courthouse Plaza, 2100 Clarendon Boulevard, according to the Arlington Sun Gazette. If you are concerned about anything in the Board's legislative package, you can use the link in the right column.



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