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Taxpayers Defeat Many Tax-and-Spend Ballot Efforts

Last week, we growled about the efforts of Colorado voters in defeating a statewide tax increase and creating a ‘killing field’ of local tax increases. Now, the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) provides a wrap-up of tax issues during the 2011 election season. Here are two paragraphs from NTU’s press release on Thursday, November 10:

“After 12 states considered thousands of ballot measures over several weeks this fall, the scorecards are finally in. NTU’s 2011 Ballot Guide tracked around 500 initiatives in Ohio alone and a plethora of measures throughout the nation which, taken together, provide a much more complete picture of the intentions of voters than scattered news reports.

“The results clearly show that voters are in no mood to throw the spending spigots wide open or hand over more of their hard-earned dollars,” said NTU State Government Affairs Manager Brent Mead. “An important opportunity for savings was lost as Issue 2 was defeated in Ohio. Yet, even San Francisco voted for savings from government, among a host of positive ballot victories for taxpayers.”

There’s more, but the following is a good summary:

“In some circumstances where the purpose and period of time were defined, voters were willing to raise taxes,” Mead concluded. “But the prevailing good news for taxpayers is that more tax hikes, spending provisions, and proposals to increase government power were retired than scored.”

We thank our friends at NTU for their efforts.


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