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Does Arlington County Really Need a "Weather Portal"?

ARLnow reports today that Arlington County "debuts new winter weather web portal." According to ARLnow:

"With talk of some snowflakes in the forecast tonight, Arlington County picked a good day to debut a new web portal called “Arlington Snow and Ice Central.”

"The website offers one-stop shopping for residents seeking more information on winter weather preparations, winter weather safety tips, road condition and snow plowing updates, and answers to snow removal ordinance questions. The site also links to the county’s snow issue reporting page."

And the county's system will have four phases with Phase 4 being the Clean Up phase when "Snow crews are in clean up mode, removing ice and slush from roads and/or the sun is helping to melt ice."Sheesh! Anyone with a modicum of common sense doesn't need county eminences telling us that. Or to stay off the roads until emergency and snow crews remove and/or plow primary and secondary roads (a function performed in Phase 2). Is this why Arlington County has the highest taxes in Northern Virginia? What would county officials do if they lived in Maine or Minnesota? Guess county officials aren't aware of the special efforts undertaken by the news media before and during snowstorms, or of such websites as Weather.com. And what did it cost Arlington taxpayers to put up the portal?

Reources: 1) Here is the county's "snow & ice central" webpage. 2) Here is the county's "winter weather" press release. Below is the ARLnow graphic of the "snow & ice central" page:"


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