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More About Tax Fairness

On Tuesday, we Growled about tax fairness demagoguery, citing an Investor's Business Daily column by Walter E. Williams. Let's cover the issue of fairness and taxation a bit more, this time citing a February 21, 2012 column by Thomas Sowell in which he writes that "taxing the rich more doesn't make society fairer.

Sowell writes in part:

"Four years ago, TV interviewer Charles Gibson pointed out to candidate Barack Obama that raising capital gains tax rates had on a number of occasions led to less capital gains tax revenue being collected — and, conversely, lowering the capital gains tax rates had on other occasions increased the amount of capital gains revenue collected by the government.

"Obama readily admitted that. But he said that "fairness" justified a higher tax rate on "the rich."

"Yet how does a higher tax rate on paper, without a real increase in the amount of taxes actually collected, promote fairness?

"However, raising tax rates on "the rich" pays off politically, even if the government loses revenues when the rich put their money into tax shelters.

< . . . >

"Slippery talk about "fairness" is at the heart of this fraud by politicians seeking to squander more of the nation's resources."

Now, can we stop talking about fairness?


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