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Updating the "Artisphere Situtation"

From a story at the online Arlington Sun Gazette today, we learn the Arlington County Board is monitoring the fiscal condition of the Artisphere in Rosslyn "a quarter at a time." The news report cited this year's County Board chairman, Mary Hynes, remarks at a State of the County forum. The Sun Gazette continued:

"The government-run arts center opened in late 2010 but quickly found itself awash in a sea of red ink. Last year, County Manager Barbara Donnellan ordered a restructuring of operations, and transferred oversight of the facility (and other cultural program) from the Department of Parks and Recreation to Arlington Economic Development.

"The changes came after a damning consultant’s report, issued last year, that painted a portrait of a facility conceived without realistic expectations and a with a shaky business plan.

< . . . >

"But pressure on county officials to either cut the facility’s deficits or close it down intensified in April. That month, Civic Federation delegates voted 30-12 on a motion calling on county officials to come to some decision by the end of the year, before formal planning for the fiscal 2014 budget begins.

The Sun Gazette also reported that "taxpayer support for the Artisphere totaled $2.1 million in fiscal 2011, $2.7 million in fiscal 2012 and is expected to be $1.6 million in fiscal 2013."

We previously growled about the Artisphere on April 6, 2012 and May 9, 2012.


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