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Comparing Virginia's U.S. Senate Candidates

Earlier this week, the National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) released"candidate studies revealing the bottom line net cost of all the campaign proposals being made by the two major candidates in Virginia’s U.S. Senate race." According to NTUF:

"Former Governor Tim Kaine’s plans would add an estimated $1.28 billion to the federal budget; and former Senator George Allen seeks to cut $97.74 billion. Compared to the current fiscal year’s outlays, Kaine’s annualized average would represent an increase of .04 percent, while Allen’s would represent a decrease of 2.7 percent."

The "major fiscal proposals" of the two candidates, according to NTUF, are:

George Allen

  • Repeal "ObamaCare"
  • Rollback discretionary spending to 2008 levels
  • Prevent pay increases for Congress and federal employees
  • Spend $2.7 billion on veterans programs

Tim Kaine

  • Reform "No Child Left Behind"
  • Create an Infrastructure Bank
  • Fund clean energy and smart grid technologies
  • Boost spending on Technical Education

NTUF noted that both candidates "agree on one major cost saver: drilling for oil off the Virginia coast."

Here is the essence of NTUF's methodology:

"For the study, NTUF gathered information from the campaigns and media coverage on any proposals by the two leading Virginia Senate contenders that could impact federal spending. Cost estimates for these items were verified against independent sources such as the Congressional Budget Office, and through NTUF’s BillTally system, which since 1991 has tracked all spending bills in Congress.

"NTUF identified 24 items in Tim Kaine’s platform that could affect federal outlays, six of which would increase spending, none of which would decrease spending, and 18 of which could not be quantified with reasonable precision. George Allen’s agenda included two proposals to increase expenditures, 10 to lower them, and 16 with impacts that could not be pinpointed."

Take a few minutes to study the details of NTUF's analysis so that you are more informed about the positions of the two candidates.

You can access the candidates websites using the following links:


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