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General Assembly Asked to Support Arlington Citizens

According to an online story posted today at the Arlington Sun Gazette by Scott McCaffrey, local Republicans are trying a "new tack to stop" the Columbia Pike Streetcar, which we growled about on October 13, 2012. McCaffrey writes:

"It may be a Hail Mary pass with time ticking away in the fourth quarter, but county Republicans think they may have found a way to derail plans for the Columbia Pike streetcar – or at least force county officials to go to the public for approval.

"The Arlington County Republican Committee on Nov. 28 unanimously adopted a resolution calling on the General Assembly to step in and require that Arlington hold a referendum before selling bonds to support the proposed five-mile transit line, which would connect Pentagon City to Skyline.

“People in this county really want to talk about the Columbia Pike trolley,” said Wayne Kubicki, who proposed the measure. But without legislative action, “this would never be put in front of the voters.”

"Arlington officials aim to sell $120 million in bonds to help pay for the quarter-billion-dollar streetcar system. But they found a loophole around the requirement that taking on the debt must be preceded by voter approval in a referendum."

Kudos to the Wayne Kubicki and the local GOP for their efforts in getting politicians to think they are here to serve citizens rather than citizens serving the state.


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