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Why You Should Vote NO on Parks & Rec Bond

First, a picture of the latest vanity project (see yesterday's Growls for a larger photo) that flits around in the 'tax-and-spend' minds of the Grand Poobahs on the Arlington County Board:

If you didn’t see the ACTA ad in the weekly Arlington Sun Gazette, dated November 1, 2012, below are 10 reasons for opposing it. They explain:

Why can’t we afford a ‘world-class’ $72+ million swimming palace?

  • $25 million projected budget deficit in FY 2014.
  • Steep increases in office vacancy rates (due to BRAC, etc.) and impending federal budget sequestration (cuts) are already weakening the commercial tax revenue stream.
  • Acute classroom shortage with almost $500 million in planned construction to meet current needs only. What will happen if school enrollment continues to skyrocket?
  • $38 million already spent at Long Bridge Park to construct 3 soccer fields, an over-priced and often-underwater parking lot, plus a walkway to “nowhere.”
  • $54 million in new spending -- all of it subsidized by taxpayers to cover debt service and operating costs over 9 years solely for Long Bridge Park swimming pool.
  • Waning public support for high-priced vanity projects like the $250 million Columbia Pike trolley; the $17 million Artisphere; and now a $72 million swimming pool.
  • Justified by a County Board member as a way to impress French tourists, saying the new pool will “put Arlington on the map.”
  • $ _?_: What will “memberships” to this “public” pool cost? The county still won’t say.
  • Board members acknowledge there is no final business plan for the pool.
  • In the market survey county officials tout for its support, lap swimming ranked 4th among “activities residents would be most likely to participate in.”

Before voting in favor of the $72 million swimming palace on Tuesday, November 6, ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. Is project a “want” or a “need”?
  2. Where else might these funds have been used if they hadn’t been committed to a very expensive park enhancement?
  3. How much more in taxes do I want to pay so that we can build a “world-class” swimming palace?

For more information, refer to yesterday’s Growls. In addition to a schematic of the aquatics center "envisioned" by the Grand Poobahs on the Arlington County Board, there are links to the three Growls that provide more information about the $72 million swimming palace.


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