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So You Thought They Wanted to Just Tax 'The Rich'

An editorial posted this evening at Investor's Business Daily (IBD) reports that comments by 2004 Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean "exposes Obama's need for middle class tax hike." (HT Mark Levin Show, December 6, 2012, approximately 4:15 mark) The applicable portion from the editorial says:

"The president says all he wants is for "the wealthiest Americans to pay a little more." But far-left Howard Dean just reminded us Obama wants a lot more from all taxpayers.

"Interviewed by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell on Wednesday, the ex-Vermont governor and 2004 Democratic presidential candidate shocked many with comments that really should have shocked no one.

"This is, initially, gonna seem like heresy from a progressive," Dean said. "The truth is, everybody needs to pay more taxes, not just the rich. That's a good start, but we're not gonna get out of this deficit problem unless we raise taxes across the board."

"Dean added, "I actually have mixed feelings about striking a deal where the rich folks pay more taxes," preferring to go over the cliff at the end of the year."

It's not just Howard Dean's comments, however. The editorial includes a number of other admissions from the Leftstream Media, including the following three "voices:"

  • "In 2010, the New York Times editorial page warned that "more Americans — and not just the rich — are going to have to pay more taxes.
  • "New York Times economics columnist Eduardo Porter, in an August column bemoaning "America's Aversion to Taxes," noted that "virtually every economist knows that just maintaining Medicare and Medicaid benefits will require raising taxes on the middle class."
  • "In July, the Washington Post editorial page declared "it's impossible to tackle the federal debt by taxing only the wealthy . . . the middle class is going to have to pay more . . ."

The editorial ends by saying, "Howard Dean confirmed the obvious.  Americans may think they re-elected Obama to force the rich to "pay a little more," but they really voted for a Euro-American future for which they themselves will pay."

Is that what Americans voted for just one month ago? Thanks IBD for your "must read" editorial.


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