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Still Spending Like Spendoholics

While the Congress and the President are now in the midst of resolving the so-called "fiscal cliff," and although the federal government borrows north of 33% of every dollar spent, The Hill newspaper reported less than two weeks ago, "A House-Senate deal on defense legislation omits a GOP-backed plan to thwart military purchases of biofuels." (HT John Lott's blog, 12/25/12)

According to Zack Colman, who reported the story for The Hill:

"Republicans in the Senate and the House had previously added amendments to the authorization bills that blocked the military from spending on biofuels.

"They argued the fuels were too expensive with sequestration set to shave $500 billion from the Pentagon's budget through the next 10 years. And others, such as Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), said the Energy Department — not Defense (DoD) — should be investing in such fuels."

It really is hard to find words to describe the ways that Congress and the President finds to waste our tax dollars. Or, is that our borrowed dollars?

UPDATE (12/30/12): To see this Growls as a cartoon by the inimitable Michael Ramirez, click here.


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