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Full Spending Ahead for Arlington County Board?

On Tuesday evening, the Arlington County Board appeared before delegates of the county's Civic Federation. One particularly interesting question was asked by Burt Bostwick, who asked "whether the county government should declare a moratorium on new capital projects until it could maintain all its current ones," according to press coverage by Scott McCaffrey of the Arlington Sun Gazette.

According to McCaffrey, the Board's response included the following:

"County Board members are disinclined to slow down the pace of new capital spending, in part because a combination of low interest rates and a competitive construction market make those projects cheaper than they might ever again be.

“We have the best bond ratings – we borrow money at the lowest possible rate on the planet. Now is not the time to stop investing in the future of the community,” County Board Vice Chairman Jay Fisette said during a Feb. 5 presentation to the Arlington County Civic Federation."

McCaffrey also wrote, "Acknowledging that maintenance had been ignored for a number of years, County Board members said the game of catch-up was progressing smoothly." (emphasis added) He also reported:

“The board is being pretty aggressive at taking care of what we have,” board member Mary Hynes said. “I don’t think a moratorium is necessarily the right thing.”

That said, it sure sounds as if our spendthrift County Board masterminds have a significant real estate tax rate increase in mind. Sheesh! And don't you like how the Board's liberals like to spend our tax dollars while calling it investment?


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