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Life is Good for Government Workers

The American Enterprise Institute's columnist-blogger, James Pethokoukis, wrote yesterday that "(t)he unemployment rate for government workers is 4.2%," but 8.6% for private sector workers. He goes on to say:

"AEI’s Aparna Mathur makes the case that a shrinking government sector, even if it drags down GDP data and job numbers, is exactly the correct public policy goal right now. Growing the private sector needs to be the focus. We need to shift resources away from the unproductive public sector toward the more productive private sector. As she notes: “As of January, the unemployment rate for those classified as government workers by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is only 4.2%, compared to 8.6% unemployment in the private sector.”

Pethokoukis includes the following chart in his blog post:

To keep-up with the daily economic news, his posts at AEI-ideas.org are very helpful.


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