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More Waste of Taxpayers Dollars

In an online story posted  at the Washington Examiner today, Michal Conger writes that "(f)ailures in managing federal property (are) costing taxpayers billions." Specifically, she says:

"Inefficiency, inaccuracy and underuse in managing federal property costs taxpayers at least $1.6 billion each year. That is the troubling conclusion of a report the House Subcommittee on Government Operations addressed today in its first-ever hearing.

"Though real property management may seem “boring,” underused and inefficiently managed property is important because of how much money it wastes, said subcommittee chairman John Mica.

“Americans have a right to know how their money Washington has taken from them — how it is spent, and that it is well-spent,” Mica said at a hearing titled “Failures in Managing Federal Real Property: Billions in Losses.”

"The issue has been listed high on the Government Accountability Office’s high-risk series for 10 years now, despite several efforts to fix inefficient systems across the government. The issue is especially pressing with sequestration looming and the federal debt approaching $17 trillion, Mica said."

Although $1.6 billion isn't especially significant when compared to an annual budget of $3.6 trillion or deficits of $1 trillion, even more troubling is that "persistent problems have landed property management failures a spot on the GAO’s high-risk list for the past 10 years," writes Conger.

When is a government bureaucrat going to be fired for wasting $1.6 billion of hard-earned taxpayer money? Taxpayers would like to know.


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