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68-Years of Federal-Spending Addiction

At George Mason University's Mercatus Center, senior research fellow Veronique de Rugy has published a short paper containing several helpful charts, which show "the amount of real (2005) federal dollars spent per capita over the past 68 years. After adjusting for population and inflation, the data clearly show that federal outlays have, with a few exceptions, grown at a staggering pace since 1948."

Ms. de Rugy adds, "During the past 30 years a worrying trend has emerged: high levels of spending under Republican administrations have become institutionalized in Democratic ones."

In addition to the above chart, she includes the table below, which she explains, shows "a country addicted to spending increases. Every president has spent more total real dollars in his last budget than in his first. Johnson increased spending by 38 percent, George W. Bush increased it by 53 percent, and even Reagan increased total spending by 22 percent."

Ms. de Rugy concludes this great little set of graphics by saying, "This country needs to start making real and credible commitments to cutting government spending." Now if just the political class in Washington, D.C. will start listening.

Do a friend or relative who may not be aware of how addicted to federal spending the nation is, and send them a link to this Growls.


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