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A Great Speech at CPAC this Morning

When the Wall Street Journal heard Dr. Ben Carson speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in early February, they editorialized, "Ben Carson for President." (HT Hot Air, February 8, 2013 ). One conservative pundit, Cal Thomas, however, wrote that Dr. Carson "broke with a 61-year-old tradition and publicly disagreed with some of the president's policies." You can watch the speech here on You Tube.

Dr. Carson outdid himself, however, in his speech this morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). You can watch it here at C-SPAN.

In reporting on Dr. Carson's remarks this morning at C-SPAN, Fox News began by saying:

"Dr. Ben Carson -- who during his speech at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast criticized some of President Obama’s economic policies -- hinted Saturday that he might be interested in a 2016 presidential run.

"Speaking at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference, Carson resumed his sharp critique of Washington and the rest of the United States, including his vision on how to fix the country’s problems.

< . . . >

"However, Carson has since become so popular among conservatives that his name is on the ballot for CPAC’s straw poll for a 2016 presidential candidate.

At Hot Air again, Jazz Shaw begins wring about Dr. Carson's CPAC remarks by saying:

"I just got done watching Dr. Ben Carson speak at CPAC and among many thoughts, I wanted to share the first thing that came to mind when he was finished. If I were a Democrat, I’d be looking at this guy and saying, “That is the most dangerous man in the United States of America today.” Carson put on one heck of a demonstration in public speaking on conservative topics. Intelligent, with a smooth delivery and no apparent use of a teleprompter, Carson had the crowd alternately busting up laughing and coming to their feet for extended applause. His repeated use of the phrase, “It’s not brain surgery” when talking about how to fix the economy had everyone in stitches (he’s a neurosurgeon in case you didn’t know) and it never seemed to get old." (italics in the original)

There were many fine speeches at this year's CPAC (C-SPAN's coverage here), but if you watch only one 2013 CPAC speech, you would be hard-pressed to choose a better one than Dr. Carson's.


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