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An Obsession with Food?

A week ago, at Judicial Watch's blog, Corruption Chronicles, a blogger notes that in FY 2012 America's taxpayers spent $80.4 billion in food stamps. In addition, a project of the First Lady will cost American taxpayers $4.5 billion to "to conquer childhood obesity by asserting that it’s the government’s duty to protect poor and ethnic minority communities that are overwhelmingly obese compared to their wealthier, white counterparts." But there's more, according to Judicial Watch:

"On the other extreme is a hunger problem that creates what the administration has coined food insecurity. This requires the government to step in and feed tens of millions of people, some who can well afford to buy their own food. In fact, last summer a federal audit revealed that many who don’t qualify for food stamps receive them under Obama’s special “broad-based” eligibility program that disregards income and asset requirements."

Here's the link to the GAO report (requires Adobe) cited by Judicial Watch.

It gets worse, however. As the First Couple try to eradicate "food insecure households,"  Judicial Watch points out "the administration has spent millions of dollars on ad campaigns to recruit more food-stamp recipients, even doling out hefty cash rewards to local governments that sign up the most people. One state even bragged about a $5 million performance bonus it got from the feds for its “swift processing of applications.” And now we learn:

"Incredibly, this week the administration announced that it is spending more than $75 million on research that will help address food security challenges in the U.S. and globally. The money will go to 21 universities throughout the country that will “find solutions to increasing food availability and decreasing the number of food insecure individuals,” according to an announcement posted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). (emphasis added)

“Millions of American households lack the resources to access sufficient food, and many of those, including our children, may go hungry at least once this year,” according to USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan.” She says the grants will help policymakers and others “better recognize the food and nutrition needs of low-income communities in our country.”

Sheesh! But have no doubt, the administration will surely find yet more ways to fleece America's taxpayers. Thank goodness for organizations like Judicial Watch, though.


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