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Comparing the Compensation of Arlington County Teachers

We growled on November 19, 2012 about data from the Fiscal Year 2013 Washington Area Boards of Education (WABE) Guide when we compared the cost-per-student for the WABE school districts. In that comparison, the Arlington Public Schools (APS) continued as the most expensive school district in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. Below, we report that APS teachers rank first in salary and second in total compensation. 

Thanks to a question raised by a member of the Fairfax County School Board, their staff prepared "a salary and benefit comparison for surrounding jurisdictions" (question #8, FY 2014 Budget Questions and Responses, at the FCPS "budget documents" webpage). In their response, FCPS staff explained in part:

" . . .   a chart that compares the salary and benefits for a mid-career teacher for the jurisdictions that participate in the Washington Area Boards of Education (WABE) Guide. For each jurisdiction, the salary of a teacher with a master’s degree step 9 is used for the comparison. Then the benefits paid by the jurisdiction on behalf of that teacher position are calculated. For health insurance, family coverage was selected . . . Details for each jurisdiction follow." (emphasis added)

The response prepared by FCPS staff includes both an overall summary and a detailed chart, which includes the salary and the various benefit components. The table below includes 1) amount of total compensation (salary and benefits) and 2) salary (MA Step 9) from the response to Question 8:

Jurisdiction         Total Compensation / Salary, MA Step 9

  • Arlington County -- $$100,646 / $71,982
  • Alexandria City -- $104,651 1 $70,808
  • Montgomery County -- $96,629 / $67,723
  • Falls Church City -- $90,992 / $62,388
  • Prince George’s County -- $89,070 / $63,020
  • Fairfax County -- $88,657 / $58,303
  • Prince William County -- $86,276 / $58,895
  • Loudoun County -- $83,478 / $54,040
  • Manassas Park -- $81,018 / $55,758
  • Manassas City -- $78,516 / $54,197

The vision of the Arlington County Board includes being an "inclusive world-class community." We won't comment on that criteria, but it appears the APS School Board considers its teachers deserve to be paid a world-class salary.


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