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Columbia Pike Streetcar Would Cost $310 Million, Say Feds

In an online story posted two hours ago at Arlington Sun Gazette, the weekly newspaper says:

"The Columbia Pike streetcar project lost its chance at $75 million in federal funding when federal officials determined the project could end up costing significantly more than the $250 million being projected at the local level.

"An analysis conducted for the Federal Transit Administration pegged the potential cost of the rail line at $310 million, or $60 million higher than is allowable under the federal government's "Small Starts" funding program. (emphasis added)

"The county government earlier in April announced that the project had failed to qualify for funding, and after meetings between county staff and their federal counterparts, on April 23 provided a more detailed explanation of what happened.

< . . . >

"County Board Chairman Walter Tejada opted against allowing board members to publicly question staff after their report.

"Time is slipping on us," Tejada said, gaveling the meeting into closed session at 5:37 p.m. in preparation to reconvene for a 6:30 p.m. session to take up other matters. He directed board members with questions to submit them to staff in writing."

We growled about the Columbia Pike streetcar boondoggle more recently on March 28, 2013, April 12, 2013, and April 15, 2013. And talking about open government in Arlington, check out those last two paragraphs from the Arlington Sun Gazette story.


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