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Real Estate Property Taxes to Increase by 3.5 Cents?

An article by Patricia Sullivan in today's Washington Post says, "Arlington County homeowners are facing a higher tax increase than previously announced after the County Board on Tuesday ordered the manager to raise the tax rate by 3.5 cents, which would mean the average residential tax bill would go up by $277." The Arlington County Board will officially vote on the budget and tax rate on Saturday.

When County Manager Barbara Donnellan released the Fiscal Year 2014 proposed budget in February, she recommended a real estate tax rate ncrease of 3.2 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. However, the Board voted to advertise an increase of 5.0 cents. In the article, Sullivan pointed out that:

"Board members, who will vote on the budget and tax rate Saturday, restored many of the budget cuts that manager Barbara Donnellan had previously proposed, and they told her to add an additional three-tenths of a cent to the tax rate to send more money to the county schools.

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"Residential property owners contribute half of the county’s tax revenue each year; Arlington is equally dependent upon commercial taxpayers.

"In February, Donnellan had warned of a $35 million budget gap and uncertain economic future as the federal government cut spending and federal contractors tightened their purse-strings. She had advised eliminating 46 of the county government’s 3,749 jobs and making Columbus Day, now a paid holiday, a regular workday."

ARLnow.com's report on the County Board's budget mark-up session is here.


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