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Reporting on IRS Fraud Investigation Wins a Peabody

Our friends at the National Taxpayers Union posted a story at their blog, Government Bytes, about a 6-month long investigative series by TV station WTHR-TV in Indianapolis. According to the post, written by Manzanita McMahon. "WTHR recently won the highest award in journalism, the Peabody Award," for their efforts.

In her post, McMahon explained, in part, how the station won the award:

"The 6-month long investigative series that earned the award exposed the IRS for ignoring a “loophole” that allowed people here unlawfully to insert on tax forms the names of children that may not have even lived in the U.S., snagging unwarranted taxpayer cash.

"The series has struck a chord with citizens across the nation, and even inspired many IRS employees aware of the abuse to contact WTHR and share their experiences. One whistleblower confided:

"I just saw your report and there's something I need to tell you. I see this stuff every day and there isn't anything I can do about it."

"The controversy also made its way to Capitol Hill, and led to a debate in the spring of last year as to why nothing had been done about this disturbing mishandling of taxpayer dollars."

McMahon also said that after the WTHR series, "the IRS announced new reforms to how the child tax credit is allotted."

In closing, she said, "WTHR deserves a warm round of applause for affecting change in an instance where officials openly neglected their duty to ensure the law is properly enforced." We join the NTU in congratulating WTHR-TV in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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