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Explaining "Gross Tax Mismanagement: 'Complexity'"

Townhall.com provides a great "cut" from today's House Appropriations Committee hearing on the Internal Revenue Service. Here is how Townhall describes the 3 min + 19 seconds clip:

"It was revealed during the House Appropriations Committee hearing on Monday that the IRS over-payed tax credit refunds by 20%. Congressmen pointed out that the overpayment totaled to more than the IRS' total budget. Acting IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel explained that a major component of the gross mismanagement is the "complexity of the code and the complexity of the eligibility criteria."

You can watch the Townhall clip here. You can watch all two hours + 36 minutes of the committee hearing from the Appropriations Committee's webpage.

For more news on today's hearings:

  • At Real Clear Politics, Al Fram writes that IRS woes will "grow with report of conference spending." For example, at one conference a speaker received $17,000 for speaking about "leadership through art."
  • Washington Post has 46 second video posted of IRS commissioner saying additional budget funding is not solution to IRS's problem, but then in another video, Rep. Serrano (D-New York) urges commission to "clarify his statement."
Seems the Congress needs to do some outside-the-box thinking. For example, if the tax credits are too complex, why not do away with them. Or, why not solved the IRS scandals by replacing the 78,000 pages of the IRS tax code with a flat tax or the FAIRTax? Just saying!


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