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A $12,500 Bus Shelter or a $1 Million 'Super Stop'

The ARLnow.com news website reports today that a new, although temporary, bus shelter was recently installed on Columbia Pike at 1.25% of the cost of the $1 million 'Super Stop' that brought the installation of the remaining 23 'Super Stops' to a halt. See our Growls on June 25, 2013 and July 19, 2013 for more on the 'Super Stops.'

Take a moment to look at the picture of the temporary bus shelter in the ARLnow.com story, and then look at the picture of the $1 million 'Super Stop,' which we've included in our March 29, 2013 Growls.

ARLnow.com reports that the county flack "said new shelter is only temporary because it cannot serve multiple buses at one time and does not have real-time passenger information"

I admit to generally being a utilitarian, especially when tax dollars are involved, rather than focusing on beauty or ornamentation, but how can any of the masterminds at Courthouse Plaza justify installing 23 of the $1 million 'super Stops' rather than the more utilitarian bus shelters shown in the picture at ARLnow.com?

If you agree the $1 million 'Super Stops' are an outrageous abuse of taxpayers dollars, use the contact information in the link to the right to write, call, or e-mail the Arlington County Board. Tell them ACTA sent you!


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