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A Thought on Climate Hucksterism

"An influential Danish newspaper suggested last week that the global-warming craze might soon run its course. “Defying all predictions,” observes Jyllands-Posten, “the globe may be on the road towards a new little ice age with much colder winters.” The real villain is the misbehaving sun, which lies somewhat beyond the reach of Congress and the voodoo priests. The sun has lately been quiet, with fewer storms, than at any time in the past century, and this suggests cooling here. Jyllands-Posten quotes David Hathaway, a NASA scientist, as predicting even lower solar activity over the next few years. Ian Elliott, an Irish solar specialist, says the effects could be dramatic. “It seems likely we are on the path to a period with very low solar activity, which could mean we may have some very cold winters.”

"Climate hucksterism is not new. A soothsayer told Agamemnon, the greatest king of ancient Greece, that the only way to make the wind blow so he could sail with his soldiers to Troy, was to kill his own daughter to appease the wind god. Agamemnon made the sacrifice, and the wind blew. Nevertheless, events ended badly, as they always do in Greek tragedies."

~ Editorial, Washington Times, August 13, 2013

HT Washington Times


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