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Keystone Pipeline and Liberal Ideology

Over the past weekend, we learned from Breitbart's Big Government the Obama administration will delay a decision on the Keystone pipeline until 2014, thanks to this story by Warner Todd Huston. According to Huston:

"This newest hurdle was put in place with a demand by environmentalists that the government investigate a supposed conflict of interest with the contractor that was hired to write a report on the pros and cons of the pipeline project. The review rated the project favorably.

"The State Department’s Office of Inspector General announced on August 23 that the results of the investigation into whether or not Environmental Resources Management has ties to pipeline builder TransCanada Corp. won't be ready until January.

"This late release of the results of the investigation almost assures that the government won't begin making any decisions until 2014"

In a speech recently, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) said (HT Heather Ginsberg, Townhall.com):

“There are no logical reasons to oppose construction of the pipeline other than an irrational liberal ideology that blindly and unscientifically opposes all forms of energy which they themselves do not deem to be sufficiently ‘green’ or ‘renewable’.“

As Ms. Ginsberg said about Gov. Jindal's statement, "I don't think there could be any better way t o put it." She then added this from a recent Wall Street Journal article:

“In sharper terms than many others in his party, Mr. Jindal portrays the Democrats as elitists who oppose all forms of traditional energy production and explicitly favor higher energy prices”.

Kudo to Gov. Jindal and Ms. Ginsberg!


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