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Construction of $80 Million Aquatics Center Delayed

Last November, voters in Arlington County approved the school and metro/transportation bonds by over 80% approval numbers, but voters approved the aquatic center by only 63.4%. See our Growls from November 2, November 3, and November 11, 2012.

Now comes news from ARLnow.com yesterday that construction on this Arlington County Board vanity project will be delayed:

"Construction on the new Long Bridge Park Aquatics, Health and Fitness Facility, originally slated to begin this fall, has been pushed back.

"Work on the approximately $80 million facility, located just north of Crystal City near I-395, is now not expected to begin until early 2014, according to Arlington Department of Parks and Recreation spokeswoman Susan Kalish."

Here's how the county explained it to ARLnow:

“To ensure that we have quality general contractors bidding… we decided to undertake an extensive pre-qualification process,” Kalish explained. “That process is now complete and we have our selected pool of contractors. The bidding process will take place over the next several months. We anticipate that construction will begin in early 2014.”

But don't worry about your tax dollars. According to ARLnow, "The project’s budget has not changed, Kalish said, but the expected opening date has been pushed back to early 2016. We were earlier told that the opening date had not changed, which is incorrect."

Gee, with a Board member up for reelection in November, will he be getting any questions about this SNAFU on the campaign trail? Seems the only link between Arlington and accountability is that both start with an "a."


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