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A Thought on Big Government, Power and Obedience

"There is nothing more pernicious than the illusion of liberty surviving, or even flourishing, alongside growing government power.  It doesn’t work that way, not once you get past the transition from anarchy to lawful government.  Personal liberty does not exist in a state of anarchy, because individuals can be defrauded, robbed, and killed at will by lone predators and organized gangs.  Some degree of government power must clearly be exercised to secure liberty.

"But when a government the size of America’s federal system grows larger, it occurs only at the expense of liberty, and the contraction of the private sector.  Law is meaningless without the exercise of force to compel obedience.  More government means more laws, more force, more punishment for disobedience… more things you must do, more things you cannot do."

~ John Hayward

Source: his October 15, 2013 column at RedState.com (HT Mark Levin)

Hayward's entire RedState.com piece is worth  reading. His conclusion:

"If you want a big government, then you want less freedom, and more compulsion.  If we gain nothing else from the shutdown drama and the ObamaCare fiasco, let it mark the end of all pretense to the contrary."


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